Corporate Crossovers Research Results

By Wendy Kerr

Early in 2012 I surveyed 300 Corporate Crossovers® – women who had left their corporate jobs to set up their own businesses.

I was curious about why they had left corporate and what they loved and found challenging about running their own businesses.

The response was fantastic! 300 women completed the online survey and gave rich comments on their reasons why and how life is as an entrepreneur.

There are three key findings:

The toxic culture and values clash is the main reason why women quit corporate life

68% are earning less in their business than they did in their old job. Even so, two thirds of these women would not return to corporate life

Over 40% cited that the thing they miss most about corporate life is the comradeship of their old work colleagues

The transition is not easy, money is often erratic at the beginning and they are unprepared for the sheer volume and variety of work encountered in running their own business.

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