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If you want to take your business to the next level, this programme is a wonderful vehicle to achieve just this.  By providing me with the space to work on (rather than in) my business, I’ve achieved more than I thought possible in just the space of a few months. Connecting and sharing the experience with a group of dynamic and like-minded women, and with Wendy’s thoughtful and insightful direction, I’m delighted with the results I’ve achieved. I can’t recommend the programme highly enough.

Michelle Beck

Orbis Marketing

What I’ve loved about this course is a chance to reflect on what my priorities are for growing my business and then to eliminate lots of things It’s changed the way I work, so on a daily basis I’m much more focused and more structured about what my goals, my priorities are. That’s helped my mindset with moving forwards with my business,  and my confidence for the future.

Joanna Pieters

Time Wizards

Working with Wendy is so inspirational. She is friendly, bubbly and also walks her talk. Her passion is working with women in business and her take on things in fresh and dynamic. Wendy gave me a few ‘easy when you know how’ tips that I still keep in place – tips that I just would not have thought of myself. They have helped me a great deal. Wendy helps you to see the positives and is encouraging giving us women in business a confidence boost. I am delighted to still be connected with Wendy after many years and look forward to seeing what she has coming up now for women in business.

Karin Ridgers

Veggie Vision TV

At the time I started Wendy’s course I was tired and needed to reconnect with my business. Her programme has helped me do that. I have gained so much from the sessions. We were encouraged to set goals and to consider something outside our comfort zone. The encouragement of Wendy and the others on the course had made me realise I was holding myself back for no good reason. I now have weekly plans for the next few months and a list of future goals ticking away in the background.  I am looking at the business with fresh eyes and am more focused than I have been in a while. Thank you Wendy and watch out world!

Andrea Osborne

Cushion the Impact

Since the course began, I resigned my job and I am now working for myself.  The impact of the course has been quite enormous.  It’s given me a massive amount of confidence. It has allowed me to focus and to discover that I am actually capable of doing a lot more than I thought I was. It has given me the confidence to realise that I actually am a businesswoman and not someone who has a hobby that is trying to be a business.

Darryn de la Soul


The coaching process was fantastic. I had some specific goals in mind before we started but Wendy was able to probe and help me identify an another overlying goal that pulled it all together, as well as uncover obstacles I put up for myself wasn’t even aware of. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits through the process besides shedding some mind frames that always stood in my way was to learn to think outside the box that was my old framework for getting things done. Every week our meetings were always illuminating and challenging. Many things I learned about myself will stay with me forever. The 12 weeks helped me build a whole new set of tools. I highly recommend the process. Well worth it!

Carol Van Zandt


From the very first session, Wendy was all about moving forward. I felt empowered because Wendy put me into action right away. Our sessions were professional, logical, focused and well-organized. Making sure I achieve my goals is always Wendy’s #1 priority.  Wendy’s objectivity and experience opened doors and showed me options I never knew existed. I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone with a goal or a dream that seems too overwhelming to achieve.

Emily Dixon


Wendy was my coach at a time of lifestyle and business change. All the usual superlatives were there – professional, insightful, organised but there was also the that intangible ‘extra’ that raised Wendy that one more notch that differentiates from good to great. Highly recommended!



Wendy has been a really motivational and challenging coach. She’s helped me think through fundamental issues for me and come up with a super plan for an exciting future. Coaching helped me to understand creative ways to work with my own clients. Wendy’s great fun to work with, but still gets results. The perfect combination…I highly recommend her!



I initially contacted Wendy for coaching to jumpstart my PhD dissertation, which was going nowhere fast. During the 12 sessions, I learned new ways of thinking and problem solving which had an immediate and tangible impact on my goal, and life at large. Her approach is non-judgmental, affirmative, and results oriented. If you have a project with a lot at stake, or are stuck and can’t figure out why (let alone how to get unstuck), Wendy’s coaching sessions are absolutely a smart investment. Aty


I recently completed a course of executive coaching with Wendy, and the personal changes she has helped me to make are already having a profound impact on what I do. Her style is challenging, and she has a unique way of drawing out wisdom you didn’t know you had. Her process is a good mixture of helping her clients see their full potential, set their goals, and develop practical techniques for achievement. EF


With the coaching I created  compelling vision of my future that previously I would not have dared pursue. With your help I was able to put together a realistic path to that compelling future. Now I have a plan that bridges the future to the present and the confidence to carry it out. Aside from the intangible benefits of confidence and emotional congruency, there were also very real tangible benefits. I was able to chop 2 hours off my work day and double my revenue in 12 weeks.



I can not recommend either the coaching session or Wendy highly enough. Her style and methods really get to the heart of what YOU want to achieve rather than what others want you to achieve. By focusing on you and your goals the sessions help to identify what success looks like. After having coaching I have renewed enthusiasm which directly benefits the company. I have also sharpened my focus on where the next steps are. From a personal point of view this is great as I know what I want to build next and how that fits in with my longer term plans. Wendy has a great style which helps to build a great rapport with the people she interacts with. SS


Coaching was a really positive experience that helped my persist in moving forward during a really hard time. She is great at cutting through the muddle to get to the heart of the problem, even when it’s tough to hear. Wendy is inspirational, doesn’t take any nonsense but is warm, encouraging and positive. Her energy is infectious!



If you’re willing to engage with this service, to put the time and effort in outside of your ‘normal’ job, to allow yourself to objectively recognise both your weaknesses and strengths, I can not see how this experience will not be immensely valuable. To be able to take a step to one side of the daily hubbub and to look at everything, including yourself, from the outside is a very powerful tool. The tenacity Wendy showed in trying to get to the nub of where I was at and what I was trying to do – and, most importantly – why I was trying to do it enabled me to make much-appreciated discoveries. I’ve found myself learning at a greater rate, picking where I expend energy more cleverly and using the discoveries we made about myself to work much more effectively.The benefits are not just limited to work.– I’ve a subtly – but importantly – different set of personal priorities at home and at play. Wendy was patient, enthusiastic and keenly intelligent in her coaching. Her experience, both in coaching and as an executive, was exceptionally apparent.



I have really appreciated the coaching that Wendy has provided. While it hasn’t been easy it has given me a lot of reflect on and think about which I will continue to do. I can use the learnings in my day-to-day role and for future career plans. It will continue to help me as I continue to develop and to also explore different career options and think about the next big step in my life. Wendy is a very strong coach, doesn’t get thrown or flustered by a situation, deals with others emotions very well and allowed me to get through what I was feeling but she still pushed me to carry on exploring my emotions and not opting out just because it was getting uncomfortable. She has a wealth of coaching skills and experience to draw upon and can flex her style to suit the conversation or topic – drawing on different coaching techniques – I really felt I wasn’t going through a “standard, one size fits all” process, and that it was tailored to me and my requirements. It helped me to understand what makes me successful and confident. It helped me to watch out for situations where I will naturally be less confident and to prepare for this. I liked Wendy’s style and how she helps me be accountable for my own progress within the sessions. LC


Workshop Testimonials

The course has given me confidence to face and analyse where I am, what interests me, what drains me and where my motivation lies. I now have clarity and a less fearful pathway to the vision for my business.

Sue Chadwick


Wendy creates an energised yet safe atmosphere where your wildest career hopes and dreams can be given a voice, and where you leave enthusiastic to take the next step. A positive and affirmation experience.

Kathleen Drum


That at the start, the thought of having to face dreams you weren’t ready to commit to or acknowledge was a little daunting but through effective and simple techniques, the workshop became a place of inspiration and positive energy.



Excellent, inspiring communication skills. You can’t help but pick up on Wendy’s enthusiasm and try to apply that to changing your life.

Katrina Megget


Really interesting and useful workshop. I was able to critically look at and get a fresh perspective on my career and aspirations. Now I have an action plan and the motivation to do something about it!

Angela Bevington


For someone who’s eye’s glaze over at the thought of money, Wendy’s workshop was very eye-opening and I really started to think about where I’m spending my time.



This workshop helped me to get in touch with the passion I feel and how to take it forward to the next stage in my life.

J Nathan


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