Passion Helps Me Stay A Corporate Crossover

I’ve been a Corporate Crossover for nine years……even as I type that I can’t quite believe it. Admittedly, I was a reluctant Corporate Crossover, leaving my job in London because we relocated to Tokyo, and unable to get a job there. So I started my own business as a coach.

Nine years on,  there have been times when I have seriously considered crossing back to the other side. Those days when my to-do list seems never ending, when I was fed up with the money I was making and when I felt really isolated.

I know from the research I have conducted of 300 women business owners that I am not alone in my feelings! The thing I love though about working with Corporate Crossovers, is that no matter how down they get, there is still always that desire to make their business work, because the thought of going back to their corporate job is so undesirable.

I know that when I tap into my deeper passion for my business, my energy shifts – I am more excited, feel bolder and I want to make it work for what it will give others. This is a much different ‘toward’ and ‘building’ feeling about my business than doing it because the alternative of working seems a worse option.

You may want to consider what is your deeper passion for your business – what is that impact you want to have on your customers? What is the difference you want to make? Tap into this and feel your energy and enthusiasm grow!

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