My Procrastination Is Killing My Progress

We know what we should do to grow our business, or improve our lives but we don’t do it.laternow

We hesitate, distract ourselves from making the decision, procrastinate about what exactly the right course of action is and all the time, the clock is ticking and we have got nowhere.

I suffer from this. Well, let me rephrase that – I go through periods when I suffer from this badly and at other times, it simply vanishes!

Having just come out of an extended period of procrastination (admittedly a big distraction was a house move) I took some time to reflect on why this happened to me and how I got myself out of it.

I blame it all on the top four inches of my body. Yes, the brain.

Our minds are so powerful, and they are masters at stopping us from making changes and getting what we really want. They can conjure up all kinds of excuses to stop is taking action and moving closer towards what we want.

We can invent all sorts of excuses – the lamest being “I don’t feel like it” – to ‘they’ll be too busy to take my call’ to ‘I’m too busy”.

These excuses are all valid but when we listen to them and let them dictate our actions they become problematic.

My own excuses have ranged from the seemingly reasonable – I’m too busy, the packers are coming today, I haven’t planned enough to make the call and so on.

And then I realised, upon reflection and a lot of journal writing, there were some much deeper ones holding me back. Deep seated beliefs about ‘was I good enough?’ ‘would people really want to hear what I say’, ‘do I deserve success?”


I really wasn’t expecting these thoughts to be lurking in my brain.

But there they were.

Chances are, you have some deeper thoughts lurking in your mind as well, that maybe you have  a glimmer of now and then. And I would bet, that these are those thoughts that are really holding you back from taking the action you know you must do to move forward.

So how did I get out of my own way?


I did this in two ways….

  • Make what I want to achieve very juicy, tangible and compelling.

I did what I tell all my clients to do. I reconnected with my vision board, my big reason why and the difference I would make to people with my business.

I connected with it, wrote about it and imagined what it would be like when it came to life.

That was great! And I do it every day!

  • Make peace with those self limiting beliefs.

My deeper thoughts, even though they were holding me back, were trying to protect me. Our bodies do not like change, so our mind will do anything it can to prevent change from occurring. From our primitive days there was far too much risk associated with change and hence why we still have this deep resistance.

So, I took a piece of paper and wrote down all my self limiting beliefs I was aware of.

Then I wrote down how they might be helping me, what their positive intention was.

Then, I decided to thank them – yes really….! And then for each thought, I wrote out a new thought that would help me more in the future.

And like my vision board, I review this every day.

To keep my momentum high and my energies focused, I know I need to do these two exercises every day. I know the difference it has made to me.

If you feel like you are in a similar place, I would love you to try it.  And let me know how you get on!


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