Do you move like Jagger?

mickI made a dream come true on Saturday night – I saw the Rolling Stones live… was IN-CRED-IB-BLE!!

Watching Mick strut his stuff as a 72 year old was impressive. Age was not even a consideration. He was electrifying, captivating, omnipresent and energizing.

Wow – he did move like Jagger, and had the entire stadium in his hand, watching his every move.

Thinking about the concert the next day, I wondered how does he do it? And what is it about him that has legions of fans globally prepared to pay hundred and thousand of dollars to follow the band on tour around the world?




I know the Stones are legendary, and icons of the music industry but without that impact, they would be just another has-been band from the 60’s and ‘70s. Even as I write that, I can’t even contemplate the Stones just being ‘another’ band.


Whether you are still in a job, or growing your own business, what impact do you have?


Are you memorable, will people you meet be thinking about you the next day, or will you be relegated to the back of their mind?

When I think about impact, I like to think about engagement. How engaging am I to the people I am with? I’m not talking about small talk scripted by Professor Higgins for Eliza Doolittle, but how engaged are you in the connection you are making.

Watching Mick on stage, and we were close, he was giving it his all. He wasn’t thinking about the after-party, or what he was going to have for supper, he was totally in the moment, and with his band and the audience.

Where are you when you meet with people? Are you totally there, or is your mind wandering to what you want to have for lunch, what needs to be picked up on the way home….

I remember meeting a woman eight years ago who I still remember today, even though I only had the pleasure of meeting her once. She was totally engaged, and she woke up my approach to meeting people.

Here is what I learnt from her:

1.     She made me feel important

When we said hello, of course there was the normal handshake and repeating of names. But she went further. Her handshake was warm, her eyes really sparkled, and she made me feel I was someone she had been dying to meet. In those first few seconds, she made me feel special

2.     She listened

As we chatted, she really listened. I’m a coach, it’s what I do for a living, so I can tell a good listener from a great one. She was the latter. She listened, and consequently, we had a much deeper conversation that the normal chit-chat. She was ‘in’ our conversation the whole time.

3.     She used my name

Simple, but so effective. By using my name, not only did she demonstrated she listened at the start of our interaction, but I felt she cared.


Eight years ago, we meet for 10 minutes, if that. She lives a world apart from me in Zimbabwe, so sadly our paths haven’t crossed again. Yet, she continues to have an impact. Albeit radically different from Mick’s impact, still one with longevity.


Connect, listen and show you care. Leave this as your impact.

  • Dorothy Dalton

    Great post. I saw the Stones years ago and incredible Mick still has the moves!

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