Mistakes Happen, 4 Easy Steps To Turn Them Around

mistakes happenWe all make mistakes. Whether it is professionally or personally we have all done it. And most of the time, we haven’t meant to and there has been no malice behind our actions.

So when you have made a mistake, what to do?

Once you have got past the self-flagellation recrimination and any other beating up you may do…..apologise!

But then what?

Consider this, what if you turned the mistake into a really big positive! Imagine that, coming out of the mistake, not only having made good, but in fact made it better, much better!

How to do it.

Step 1: Remember what your positive intention was behind the action that went wrong

Step 2: Consider how the other party may be feeling right now

Then consider how you would love them to be feeling!

Step 3: What could be a better way to enable that person to feel that improved emotion and still achieve that intention? You may need to get very creative and use your imagination!

Step 4: Do it. And do it with the best intention of making good, and making better.

You may be surprised by the result you get!

I would love you to tell me how you used the 4 step mistake turnaround!

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