Make the time to work on your business

Make the time to work on your businessIf you feel that all you ever do is work and yet your business is going nowhere, chances are you are spending too much time working ‘in’ your business as opposed to working ‘on’ your business.

One little vowel can make all the difference!

When you are working too much ‘in’ your business, you are really busy, doing lots of things to keep the business ticking over and maintaining its current level of success. You may feel frustrated that you are doing the same things over and over, or have the same types of clients or can’t break through a revenue threshold.

Spending time to work ‘on’ your business will alleviate this

Working ‘on’ your business means:

  •  Imagining what your business could be doing in 6 or 12 months time
  • Creating some business goals to achieve that represent where you would like to take your business
  • Creating a plan to bring that goal to life
  • Thinking about joint ventures, collaborations or other businesses you could partner with to achieve the same goals
  • Considering your customers, reflecting on their needs and asking yourself if you are still meeting them, or could you offer something different
  • Critically reviewing your marketing and assessing if it’s meeting your goals
  • Reviewing your financial performance against your targets

Spending time working ‘on’ your business is a combination of imagining what if, reflecting on what how you feel about it and reviewing activity against performance.

Working ‘on’ your business can be a fun and fascinating exercise as it will lift your thinking to consider the future and how you would really like that to be. It means taking control of your business destiny!

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