Magic – How to create more time!

There is a way to create more time…yes really!

Take a look at your average week or month in your calendar……go on, do it now!

Does your schedule look a bit spotty …..are there appointments and meetings dotted around your days and months. Do you have small segments of time in between meetings that are not quite long enough to get any work done?

Try this for a bold time creation step!

Group all of your meetings into the smallest number of days possible.

Imagine if you had all of your networking meetings on the one day (I do mine on Friday as everyone is way more relaxed!) and then your sales calls on a Tuesday and client work on a Wednesday.

What difference would it make to your time if you knew that each week you had TWO full days with NO meetings, and could actually sit and get the work done you know you need to to grow your business.

Try it out – try it for a week and see how much more time you have created.

I would love to know how you get on.


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