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Are you in a creative rut?

Are you coming up with the same answer even if the question is different?

Maybe you are feeling lacklustre and fed up with your business and your approach to life in general.

Well, it’s time to get fresh!!! Freshen up your thinking and your approach will change.[new_line]
Here are some ideas to get fresh thinking fast:

  • Take a new journey to work – notice what you see and hear.
  • Turn your phone off when you are out and about – resist the temptation to look at texts and social media – be in the moment and observe.
  • Read a different magazine, or a newspaper see what other people think about things.
  • Go to different events and meet different people – have new conversations.

    Your Action:

  • Book some time out and have a fresh thinking date with yourself.

    Just do it – don’t judge don’t censor – let that new thinking flood your brain and see what happens!


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