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I have never met a bored business owner

We all have growing to do lists, and not enough time to do them. We are always busy and want to have more than 24 hours in a day.

So much time can be wasted by switching between different types of tasks and by commuting times to meeting. This is dead time. Because, not only does your brain need to switch a gear when you are transitioning between tasks, but you also need to shift your energy.

And lets be honest, sometimes we struggle to find the energy to create, and other times we can’t stop ourselves. Or maybe you are an early morning person and that I the best time for you to create or to crunch numbers.

Personally, I love to write in the morning. I have a clear head, my mind is free, the house is quiet and I can write… but in the late afternoon, it is much harder.

So if you want to be more productive – kill your dead time now! Start to observe when the best time of day is for you, or even which day in the week to do certain tasks on.

Start to schedule all the similar activities that match your energy flow the best and see what difference it makes. So it might be that you have Monday mornings for writing proposals and research, Monday afternoon for email processing, Tuesday for client meetings etc.

Your Action:


Start to notice how you feel about doing certain tasks on certain days and times. Then devise a new schedule that more closely matches your energy and watch the productivity rise!

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