Is Your Success Out Of Date? Thrive! TV Tips

“Is this it? What made me think this would be a good decision?!

I must have been crazy to quit my job and start my own business. No one told me it would be this hard.”

“I can’t believe I left my old job, what was I thinking. When I planned this sabbatical/new job, I thought it would be the best thing in the world. But, if I am honest, I hate it.”

I have heard these laments and many like them from my clients. Setting out on a new path for our lives can be much more challenging than we imagined. We often underestimate the impact of the change and how hard it can be to accept and embrace.

When we work as an employee, our success criteria are often based on those external markers given to us by our company. Elements such as salary and benefits package, title, class of business travel and number of staff reporting to you can be how we measure our success in the corporate world.

Starting up our own business we change many things; what we do, our title, our working structure and our place of work. But very rarely do we update our success criteria. It can be easy during transition to feel as if you are not a success any longer because the previous external markers have disappeared.

In the initial stages of any career change, knowing how we judge our own success is critical in keeping our confidence, optimism and energy high. We must know deeply what success is for us. This personal definition of success will be different for everyone.

So if this sounds like you; take some time out to update your success criteria and then you can judge yourself against a relevant set.

Your Action:


Take some time out to think about what success meant to you a few years ago, and consider if this is still what it means now.

Then, write a second list of what is precious and important now about success.

Compare the two lists and then create a current list of what success is.

The next time you are considering “are you successful or not’ you can use the up to date list.


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