Thrive! TV Tip ~ Is your business karma in credit or debit?


I love the concept of business karma

What comes around, goes around…and so the essence is to treat people how you would want to be treated. [new_line]
Many of us apply this in our personal lives but sometimes we forget to do this in business. I have been guilty of this, until I took stock of my values and my integrity and realized that I wasn’t really being true to myself on my business. [new_line]
The thing about business karma, is that often we are asked by other s to help – to spend some time helping them unpick a problem, or asking for a contact or a piece of information. [new_line]
I know we are all really busy in our businesses, but if you are asked do it. And do it with grace. [new_line]
And do more than you were asked to do. [new_line]
The reason is, that when you do, the next time you need help,, it’s as if the universe remembers, and you will find that help comes to you much easier….try it – it does work. [new_line]

Your Action:

keep business karma in the front of your mind – how can you help others, knowing that one day, you too will need some help.[new_line]

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