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You hear it everywhere – how important it is to be on Social Media

…and so you start tweeting, chatting on facebook and updating and linking on Linkedin. You seem to spend all of your spare time and even evenings making sure you are updated! Yet, you have a niggling feeling that all of this time and frantic activity isn’t really making a jot of difference to your business… I right?

Social media is no different to any other business activity – you are spending a precious resource investing in it, so you need to consider your return on investment.

So before you embark on any more social media chat – stop and ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is my target audience
  • Which one social media will they most likely use
  • What is my objective with using this platform
  • How ill I know I have succeeded
  • How much time every day will I spend on it

Then at the end of every week, review the numbers and assess what difference investing your precious time is making.

I know that when you focus on one area in social media it makes all the difference.

Your Action:

Your action – before you do any more tweeting or liking, spend some time asking yourself these questions and then create a more strategic, planned approach.

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  • Alice Prier

    How wise you are Wendy!
    Would love to join you on Thursday evening but I think my children are cooking up birthday plans for me.

    • Wendy Kerr

      That’s a shame – I would love to see you 😉
      Happy birthday in any case…x

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