Is it OK to Stop Your Business?

Stop Your BusinessI have worked with a number of clients who decide to change their business. Be it what they are selling, who they are selling to and their business model.

This is a great thing to do, to be courageous and say “STOP:” This isn’t working for me anymore. But it seems to take them a long time to let go. They may feel as if they are letting go of their baby, something they lovingly created many years ago, and something they had high hopes and aspirations for

They may also fear of being seen as a failure and that they weren’t able to make their business a success. What will people say?

The fact is when you lose passion for your business, it will die.

If you aren’t passionate about your business, then don’t bother with it anymore.

If you aren’t passionate, your prospects feel it, your clients see it and the business will shrink away and you will feel depleted, and depressed.

Passion is an essential ingredient to making your business successful and your heart sing!

There is no shame in walking away. I did this two years ago. I set up a new venture called “Business Momentum”, aimed at coaching SME’s. And from the start, it didn’t flow. The website took ages, my logo was lame, and if I’m honest my heart wasn’t in it. But I felt I “should” do it.

So I closed it.

Then, I created Corporate Crossovers. My heart is in it, my passion is reignited and I love it! If I hadn’t walked away I would have always been flogging a dead horse and losing my confidence and self esteem along with it.

If you feel like stopping, then consider it, seriously. Take a break, then reconsider. Did you miss the business, or were you filled with dread when you came back to it?

Be honest with yourself. Because if you are not feeling it, then no-one else will.

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