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I’m frequently asked to comment on the growing phenomena of Corporate Crossovers. Having fueled over 1,500 women to make work work for them, my views are based on my extensive client work, my own experiences, and in-depth quantitative and qualitative research of 500 Corporate Crossovers in the UK and US.

I’ve had two books published, “Corporate Crossovers – when it’s time to leave the office and start your own business” and “My New Business – a busy women’s guide to start up success.

I know why women leave their jobs and start their own business, and what would make them stay. If they have left to begin their entrepreneurial journey, I can give advice on how to make the transition pain-free and successful.

Possible Story Angles:

  • Why women leave their corporate careers to start their own businesses
  • The journey of discontent that leads women to leave their jobs to start a business
  • What does it really feel like to start your own business?
  • Four ways to find an idea for a new business
  • Seven essential qualities of a successful entrepreneur
  • What is a Corporate Crossover – and why are they growing?

I have many stories to share, and I can introduce you to my community of Corporate Crossovers for case studies.

If you would like to contact me please complete the Media Enquiry Form and I will respond within 24 hours.

Wendy Kerr In The Press:

BBC Radio

Listen to Wendy being interviewed about Toxic Culture on BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour


Croydon Radio

Listen to Wendy Kerr on Croydon Radio asking ‘Are you running an expensive hobby or a real business?’

Croydon Radio

HR Magazine

Read the story about The Myth of the Glass Ceiling in the prestigious UK HR Magazine

HR Magazine

HRM Asia

Toxic culture is the real reason women leave corporate
Read story here

hrm Asia

HR Director

Glass Ceiling is a Myth.
Read the story here


The Japan Times

Read the story of Wendy’s start in coaching in The Japan Times here

The Japan Times

HC Online

What is the real reason women leave corporate?
Read Wendy’s research coverage here

Wendy Kerr

Wendy Kerr

Corporate Crossovers

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