Imagine if your home business was in a Reality TV Show!

Home Business Reality Show“Lights, camera, scene 1, take 1 and ACTION” cries the Director of this brand new highly anticipated reality TV show all about you and your business that you run from home.

What happened to you when you read that paragraph? Were you gripped with eager anticipation, imagining how fabulous it would be to have your business on show to the world, or did you think “holy cr*p”, there is no way I would ever let anyone see how I work!

Bringing this back to a more realistic scenario, how would you feel if a client paid you a surprise visit?

What would need to change in your surroundings, your place of work, your desk, your files, your book shelves or even with what you are wearing for you to be pleased with the unexpected visitor?

Consider this, if you are not operating in a way that you would be pleased to show the world, then are you really providing yourself an environment to do your best work?

What would need to change for you to feel eager about letting that TV crew in?

Let me know, or even better yet, send me some photos!

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