How to deal with problems that are out of your control

business problems and solutionsSometimes when it comes to running your own business, things can go very wrong and they are completely out of your control. And yet, it’s not what happens but how we deal with them that will determine our success as a business owner.

Galia Orme, founder of Choc Chick, an organic raw chocolate business; had a very unusual situation to solve very close to Christmas, her busiest time:  “I had my first order of cocoa ingredients that I imported myself from Ecuador. I’d flown out there, met with the farmers, placed the order and specifically asked for the cocoa butter to be in pieces. I ordered my first ton of ingredients, which arrived late. I planned for it arriving late but what I hadn’t planned for was for the cocoa butter to arrive in blocks of twenty five kilos and not in the small pieces that I’d asked for.  So I had to take a hammer and chisel and break it all up myself. I drove to the import center, which is three hours from where I live, and bought all of the cocoa butter back myself and broke it up. It was absolutely horrendous.  But you know, I just did it.  You just have to find a solution.  That’s been a big thing!”

In these times we are tested. Our commitment to the business, our vision and even our own strength will often be stretched past what we think are our limits. Yet, we come up with solutions, we deal with the problem, we continue on, we grow and our ability to deal with more expands. And because of these tests, our commitment to continuing on with our business deepens.

These events, the tests that we are sent, are just that. Because once you get through one test, you will have grown, learnt something about yourself, your behavior, your thinking and your approach.  You will have stretched into a slightly expanded version of yourself. And you can never go back to who you were.

Think about all that you have learnt along your career, or running your own business, and how these learnings have shaped you. It may have been very difficult at the time, but in hindsight, aren’t you glad that you are now the person you are now? Able to handle small challenges more easily and have learnt from those experiences.

In the face of challenge, when you get a chance to look up and take a breath, try and think about what you are learning right now that will help you in some way in the future.

  • Guy Hewes

    Thanks Wendy,

    a great example that illustrates the importance of having an “accountable” attitude if you want to get results. It probably wouldn’t be possible for people who aren’t accountable to be successful in business.

    Regards, Guy

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