How to be cruel to be kind

“There aren’t enough hours in the day”

If I had an ounce of gold (shoring myself against the currency….) every time I heard this statement from my clients, I would have enough gold to underwrite a small nation.

It’s time to be cruel to be kind.

By catering to everyone elses’ timetables, whims and needs ahead of yours means that you lose.


Your business loses.

If you want to feel more in control of your time, your energy and have your business flourish you need to start pushing back, set boundaries and put yourself first!

This may seem a little harsh in it’s tone but if you aren’t passionate and determined about setting boundaries for yourself so you do the work on your business, you will fail.

Step up now and make changes to how you manage your time.

Treat yourself as your most important customer and make those appointments with yourself to do the work sacrosanct.

Let me know your thoughts and tell me how you are pushing back!


  • WysJoyFul Company

    Good Day and Gratitude for the article. I am transitioning and transforming while repositioning from “one of the nurses to a speaker, writer, and cancer community health care advocate and I got some answers to my “Wy Asks Why” questions for my WysJoyful Company

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