How Many Hats do you Wear as a Business Owner?

This month we will be discussing “How Many Hats Can One Woman Wear?”

When we start our own businesses it can be startling how many different roles we have to play in a week or even in one day! We have left the comforts of the support framework our old jobs gave us and now we have to do it all ourselves…..

From my experience in working with Corporate Crossovers® this can be exhausting, overwhelming and frustrating as they seem to spend more time on the stuff to keep the business ticking over as opposed to the work that they wanted to do when they first started the business.

If you feel like you are wearing too many hats….book keeper, tax accountant, personal assistant, IT help desk, office manager, sales department etc etc then this call is for you!

On this call you will discover:

• How to feel more in control of the many hats you are wearing
• A simple way to structure the work that needs to be done
• How to feed your spirit, so you get to love what you do again!

In your job, when you are wearing many hats, you deal with whatever comes up, whether you have expertise in it or not and you just put up with it.  So you end up spending your precious time in areas that you know little about or have no natural aptitude for. Yet because it’s your own business, you do it anyway.

You suffer because you dislike doing some of that ‘stuff’ and frankly your business suffers because you aren’t driving value and doing what you love. And, if you are honest, you probably aren’t doing that other stuff that well anyway.

Many of you listening to this will be sole traders but that doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself. Imagine if you did only those tasks that you loved and really enjoyed and excelled at? What would that be like?

I think you would LOVE your business more, feel better about it and be even more productive and successful. Your frustration at having to wear so many hats to keep the business ticking over would disappear and you would more clearly understand what value it is you bring to the business.

YES BUT – I hear you all cry. I can’t afford to take on staff, I’m not big enough to grow, I have to do it all because there is no-one else.

That may be the case right now but if you have plans to grow, you need to shift that attitude right now.

Lets look at how to feel  more in control of the many hats you are wearing

Chances are when you had a job, you had a job description. They are designed to clearly outline your role, your objectives, what your contribution to the organization is, your responsibilities and your tasks.

In your own business, you are working, you have a job. Do you have a job description? Or do you just do it all? (And chances are, get paid less)

Imagine you are creating a job description for you that you will love and relish. That feeds the passion and the key reason why you set up the business in the first place.

Then to help you manage and feel in control of all the hats you are wearing,  just as you would in an organization, create the other job descriptions for those roles that you need in your business.

By separating all the different roles out, you can decide who you will be when and as you grow, you will have a much clearer idea of the type of person and skill set you need to bring on.

Actively separating put each specific role and deliberately moving form one role to the next will help you feel that you are in control of the work you are doing as opposed it all merging into one amorphous lump.

Job descriptions will help you understand what types of roles you need for your business, and will help you understand what what resources you need to prioritise when you decided to grow and bring staff on.

Here is a simple way to do a job description: you may want to get a pen and paper – write down these 5 headings…

  1. My title…….
  2. What do I love to do?
  3. How do I bring value to the business?
  4. What am I responsible for?
  5. What attributes do I need to be successful in this role?

Let me give you an example. Kate is an author and trainer who specializes in training landlords to help them have success with their rental properties. If she were to do the job descriptions this is what she would create.

1. My title…….

Author and Trainer

2. What do I love to do?

Help landlords sleep better at night by giving them all the information they need to run their tenancies successfully. I love providing them with the right information in my book and in my workshops.

3. How do I bring value to the business? (this is key..this is where she needs to spend most of her time to grow her business)

By creating content for books to sell.

By designing and leading workshops that landlords pay to attend.

4. What am I responsible for?

The overall success of the business.

The production and delivery of content.

Managing the brand.

The income, expenses and cashflow.

5. What attributes do I need to be successful in this role?

Detailed knowledge of tenancy legislation.

Experience in the industry

Passion about working with landlords to help them improve.

Great written and verbal communication skills

So, there is Kate’s ideal job description. As a sole trader though, she also has to wear many other hats. By also creating other job descriptions for the other roles, she can be clear about which hat she is wearing when and thus reduce that feeling of overwhelm.

An example may be in marketing the business.

1. My title…….

Marketing Manager for Kate’s landlord business

2. What do I love to do?

Drive traffic to the website

Get landlords to sign up for courses and buy books

Working with social media and web tools to generate interest in Kate’s business and get more traffic to the web site.

3. How do I bring value to the business?

By creating a buzz around the site and her business, I help Kate get more customers.

4. What am I responsible for?

Driving traffic to the web site

Creating marketing materials

5. What attributes do I need to be successful in this role?

Social media knowledge

Web knowledge

Writing and creativity

In time kate may decide to outsource her marketing to a part time person or a marketing consultant. Having a role description like this will help her know what she is looking for.

Or maybe she needs an Operations Person

1. My title…….

Operations Manager for Kate’s business

2. What do I love to do?

Create order out of chaos

Put in systems where there are none

Look at all the detail in logistics and organizing workshops

3. How do I bring value to the business?

Keeping the detail away from Kate so she can focus on the big stuff

Ensuring everything happens when it is supposed to so customers stay happy

4. What am I responsible for?

Keeping it all ticking over smoothly

5. What attributes do I need to be successful in this role?

Attention to detail

Great planning and organizing

Understanding cause and effect

By creating these simple job descriptions for all the aspects of your business, you can decide which job you are doing when and by realizing the value that you are adding, feel happier about doing it. Also, when you do come to expand and outsource or take on staff you will have a sharp idea of what you need to support your growth.

It also means that you doing everything and weakening your value add to your business isn’t for ever. By creating these job descriptions you are acknowledging that one day you will get the support you need and that when you do don another hat, it’s not forever.

 A simple way to structure the work that needs to be done

Even with the job descriptions, the work of the many hats still needs to be done – doesn’t it?

Let’s look at an effective way to reduce that overwhelm and stress that can come when you are constantly switching hats.

I recommend to my clients that they start to structure their weeks. I do this myself and when I did it, I felt like I had gained more time!

Structuring your week is simply deciding on what day of the week you will do what role. And then commit to this and stick to it. This helps your productivity enormously because you can get into the mindset and flow of a particular type of work instead of losing it when you chop and change from one to the other.

Let me give you an example:

Monday might be Planning and marketing – typically desk bound work where you are planning your week, month and quarter ahead, thinking about how you will acquire new customers and reviewing your business plans

Tuesday and Wednesday  – could be client meeting days, or days that you dedicate to do the work for clients that you get paid for

Thursday could be sales day – meeting with prospects, calling new leads and doing the admin around new customers

Friday  – this is my Finance morning – collecting receipts for my book keeper and reviewing the latest p&l and then in the afternoon, I network. I also find it much easier to get into people’s diaries on a Friday

So why does this work?

Firstly – I’m not chopping and changing the mindset I need for those tasks in one day – a sales and closing mindset is very different to a planning mind set, and doing my meetings on set days, means I can control my diary much more. I can say to people I only see clients on Tuesday and Wednesday and only network on Fridays. Once I respect my time and my diary – others do too.

Once you get into practice of structuring your week, it becomes much easier.

How to feed your spirit, so you get to love what you do again!

With all of the many hats you wear, sometimes we can forget why we started the business in the first place. It is really important to feed our spirit frequently, so we feel replenished, rejuvenated and eager to get back to our work and our customers.

An easy way to do this is to tap into that deeper reason why we do our work, ad to reflect on this daily.

The question to ask yourself is “what do I wish for the people in my world?”

“ what do you wish for everyone in your world?”

So when I thought about my answer to the question, it was:










living life to the max



and then I came up with THRIVE!

So, that is what my passion in one word is – it’s why I do this course – to help you thrive!, it’s why I love being with my family, to see them thriving, I love being with people who help me thrive and thrive themselves….it truly is my word

And when I apply that to my work, it gives me a real boost!

From the course I did a long time ago, the passion words that other people came up with were.








No surprise as passion cos so personal and even if you have the same word as someone else, it will mean something different.

So I would love you to come up with your own word that represents your passion!

So what I would love you to do, is to think about all of the words that excite you and the reasons why you do the work you do…

And to think about ‘what do you wish for everyone in your world?”

Make this a real feeling exercise and come from your heart, not your brain.

And when you have this word – everytime you have to do a task thatdoesn’t fir with your true love, is to think about what you wish for people. So when I have to do my receipts and admin, I tink about how staying on top of my financials helps my family thrive. And when I have this word in my mind, it makes the job much easier!

I hope you have found the call tonight helpful.

I would love to know what action you will take as a result of this call – email me or leave me a comment below and tell me!

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