How do you find good business ideas?

Business IdeasFrustrated with how your business is going? Are things feeling a bit stale? Or maybe you have a problem that has been rolling around and around tediously in your brain for a few months.

Chances are you need a burst of freshness, of new ideas and inspiration!

Time for an inspiration injection!

Take your issue or thing that you are stuck on and write it down on a piece of paper. Then try one of these approaches to give you some fresh ideas to solve your issue or take your business to a new direction.

Five ways to get inspiration!

1.   Phone a friend

Don’t choose any old friend – choose someone who thinks differently to you – someone who stretches you and even you may find challenging at times. They will consider your issue form a completely different angle and it you keep an open mind, you may find it refreshing.

2.   Open up a magazine

Ponder on your issue and grab your closest magazine or book. Let it open randomly and trust that you will find some inspiration from a word, image or phrase on the page. This sounds a bit kooky, but it can work.

3.   Go for a walk somewhere new

Getting out of your normal routine can shake your thinking up. Take it as an opportunity to clear your head and then consider what relevance the new things you are seeing have to solving your issue.

4.   Go shopping!

Great – a new excuse to go! But seriously, visit a beautiful department store, or a big book store and spend time aimlessly browsing and let all of that creativity and freshness pour into your senses. It is a great way to get some new stimulus in one location.

5.   Imagine you are from a different country

When we look at the problem through our own eyes like we do everyday we get the same responses. So, take some time and imagine what someone else very different to you would think of this issue and how might they solve it?

Which approach did you like the best? Let me know how you get on!

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