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When we want to grow our business or take a step change in our lives and careers, we can feel scared.

This is natural – it is our brain wanting to protect us.

Our brain has very primitive beginnings and is still wired to protect us from that rustling in the bushes in case it is a predator who will eat us.

Now, thousands of years later, we don’t have predators but the thought of changes causes our brain to become fearful, and so we hesitate and sometimes stop our plans to get a better life, job or take our business to the next level.

  • Your Action:

    Take some time to reflect on your goal, what you want to achieve. Feel it, and consider what might be holding you back.

    What fear is stopping you. It’s probably that thought that keeps popping into your head when you think about the change.

    Once you can name a fear, then you can work with it.

    Each time you think that thought, observe it, and then push it to one side. Accept that it is your primitive brain wanting to protect you.

    Then choose a thought that is more supportive.

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