Got The Back To Work Blues?

Back to work bluesIn the northern hemisphere, we have been lucky enough to have our long summer vacation over the last few months. September is back to school and for many of us, back to work.

Whether you are working for someone else, or run your own business, the start of the school year can bring about mixed emotions.

A sultry summer of long, balmy evenings, kicking back on the beach, experiencing new locations can lead one to question, is this it?

And what do I want my life to be like?

Many of my friends and business associates over the years have told me how they love the longer holidays as it gives them a chance to question and ponder their lives. Many of them come back with a firm resolve to make change.

Guess what?

Nothing happens.

Returning from their holiday, they are greeted with the life and routine they left behind. Without realizing it, they get sucked into the daily rhythm of a life they wanted to change.

A year later, back on holiday, the same questions and frustrations bubble up. And so the cycle continues.

If this sounds familiar, take the time to break out of the cycle! Seize the moment and start making small changes to get closer to the life you want.

Try these steps to keep the spark of a different life alive

Step 1: Make it tangible

Over a glass of rose, anything can seem possible. Coming back to your normal routine, it can appear daunting.

Take an hour, (and add rose if you wish!) and write down those thoughts and dreams you had on holiday.

Writing them down will give them energy and a chance to happen.

Step 2: One small step

Change is sustainable when we repeat small steps again and again and again. The repetition makes the actions become habits. Our habits dictate our lives.

Looking at your list from step 1, decide what is one thing you will start to do differently every day to start a new habit and get closer to your dreams.

Step 3: Start talking

When we talk about what we want, it becomes more real. Telling others will help them understand how they can help you. They may know someone who wants to get into the field you shift to, or know of a course you could take to expand your knowledge.

Step 4: Review monthly

Take your original list and every month, give yourself the gift of some time out and review your progress. Acknowledge the changes you have made, and celebrate your progress!

Over time, with small, easy steps change will happen and that summer dream will become a reality.

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