How giving helps you grow your business

time to give“Tis better to give than receive.”

How often have we heard that, especially at this time of year. I remember the first time I heard it. When I was six years old, it was almost Christmas when I was helping my mum in the laundry folding clothes.

We had the discussion about being grateful for any present I received, whether I liked it or not, then the old chestnut came up; “and of course, Wendy, this time of year isn’t about getting, it’s about giving.”

Being a typical, self-centered six year old, I didn’t quite understand what she meant, but I knew how she wanted me to behave on Christmas morning!

Roll forward many years, and I have a very similar discussion with my clients about ‘Business Karma”.

When I interviewed 50 Corporate Crossovers for my book, I discovered that they all practiced and had received a lot from this.

Business Karma is simply delighting people.

To be more specific here are some examples:

  • making the time to have a coffee with that woman who is new in business, even if you are really busy
  • checking in with clients randomly, asking if they need any support, and having no strings attached
  • being generous with trial offers, samples for people to try
  • offering to lead or be on the committee for your local networking group
  • volunteering your time as a mentor

The key with this is to give with the spirit of generosity.

This in itself is a gift worth having.

I would love to know how you have experienced Business Karma – have you received it – or given some away?

Please write a comment below.

  • Ed Smith

    I have given away more free product as for promotion and “warranty” than I care to think about. My biggest selling item is new technology and it has taken a while for people to get familiar with it.

    My reputation for backup and service is getting me noticed and commented on.

    I look to the long term, not the quick buck. It’s now beginning to pay off with 100% increase in turnover in the last six months.

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