How to get new ideas to grow your own business

New YearIs your head spinning with how much there is to do at this time of year? Not only is the year end closing in, with lots of business tasks to be completed but it’s also a crazy busy festive time, with lots of seasonal events and parties.

Often at this time of year, we can experience a tension in our thinking. One pull point is that we are feeling relieved that the year is coming to an end, and we will ‘get through’ the whirl of activity, and then the opposing point is often a pressure to get into activity to get the business moving again in the new year.

The great thing about tension, is that when it is released, so too is a significant amount of energy. Often though, to release the tension, a stress point occurs, enabling you to ‘break through’. Ugh!

I’m all about making things easy as possible.

So, here is an easy approach to release the tension and to generate some fresh ideas to grown your own business.

How to get ‘fresh business thinking’.

1. Create a new file on your device or find a beautiful notebook.

2. Before each festive event you go to, spend some time intentionally thinking about it. Ask yourself the following questions about the event:

  • What could I learn today that would help my business?
  • What business concern would I love to have solved?
  • What sort of person would I most like to meet?

3. Go and enjoy the event

4. After the event, spend 15 minutes reflecting…

  • first of all do a brain dump of all your ideas you generated
  • interesting conversations you had
  • the people you met.

5. Don’t censor, record as much of your thinking as possible

6. Then, go back to your questions and answer them

Repeat the steps for each you attend.

Then, in January, when you come to do your business planning, revisit your answers and use them to generate new activities to grow your business.

I would love to know what new ideas your social activity has generated for your business – please comment below.

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