Feeling Lonely Since Starting Your Own Business? Go On a Voyage Of Discovery!

Feeling lonely since starting your own businessResearch I conducted recently of 300 Corporate Crossovers, women who had left their jobs to start up their own businesses revealed an interesting fact.

The thing they missed most about their jobs wasn’t the money but their workmates

Creating their own business meant they were out on their own and away from the social connections that working in a traditional job has. They missed the office banter, the ability to be able to bounce ideas off someone physically close and that feeling of belonging.

We are social creatures and whether or not we enjoy our jobs, we know that no matter what happens that day, there will be someone to share it with. We won’t be alone. Even when we walk to the loo, chances are we will bump into someone and exchange, at the very least, a glance and a wry smile.

When I came back to London after setting up my Coaching business in Tokyo, I suffered terribly with isolation. Leaving my friends and network behind, I felt that I had no social or business friends to give me the support I needed. I felt like I didn’t belong, anywhere.

During this stage, I remember visiting a client’s office and wistfully gazing into their meeting rooms where there were groups of people talking and belonging. I wanted to be part of that!

Over the months, I realised that nothing was going to change until I changed

With that in mind, I went on a voyage of discovery! I uncovered as many different types of networking groups as possible, coaching associations and did a lot of coffee. Some groups worked for me, and others didn’t.

Eight years later, I don’t feel lonely and unconnected; in fact quite the reverse! I have made amazing connections and long lasting friendships in London and around the world.

These connections and friendships have made me feel as if I belong. I feel a sense of familiarity when I go to my various networking groups and I like it!

Transitioning from your job to your own business will test your emotions and your resilience. Finding places where you belong and people you can connect with will help smooth that journey.

I would love to know where are the places you have found since you crossed over that you now feel like you belong? Drop me a note below!


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