Is your fear still holding you back?


Fear holds back.

I write about this today because I have spent a lot of time on the phone this week coaching women through their fears of leaving their job to start their own business.

Fear of not making enough money, fear of not being a success, fear of not having the right skills, All valid concerns.

And if you have taken this journey already, you know that fear continues to plague us as we step up and do things we haven’t done before to achieve our business goals.

I had a wonderful dinner on the weekend with two people I worked with 25 years ago. Back then I was fearless and frankly, naive. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

But damn it! Did I make things happen! Seeing my old work mates reminded me of the spirit inside all of us which can be quelled over time, as we experience more ‘no’s’ than ‘yes’ and we listen more to that nagging voice inside our minds.

Whilst I know fears are valid and real, in the most part they are only thoughts.

I have decided to revisit my 21 year old self, and reclaim my youthful courage. Now I know what I don’t know, it should be a much better combination….right?

I would love you to think about how you can reclaim your courage and conquer those thoughts masquerading as fears.

And if you, or someone you know is thinking about starting their own business, then take a look at my new course starting in a few weeks. It will conquer those fears once and for all!

You can read all about it here…..

If Twitter is your thing, then join me for a live twitter chat on Wednesday April 9th at 8pm London time, Noon PT. Look out for #StartUpQA and ask away!

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