External Clutter Holding You Back?

An unexpected repair to our kitchen ceiling has meant me completely clearing out my home office so the builders can lift up the carpet in my office and repair from the top down.

Everything, yes, everything had to be moved out while the repairs take place. As I shifted my files, course notes, books, journals, inspiration cards and vision boards from to the spare room, I started to think that this was the perfect opportunity to have a late spring clean.

My business and my thinking about it has evolved significantly over the last six months yet as I shifted all my stuff, I realized that my belongings didn’t reflect this.

Even with the carpet up, my office looks clean and expansive. I feel like I have been given a great opportunity to start afresh in a new space. In fact I am even looking forward to restocking my office and having a purge of the old stuff that no longer reflects the business I’m in.

I wonder how is your external environment reflecting where you are with your thinking about your business?

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