Even if you paid me more, I still wouldn’t…

The most surprising fact that came from the Corporate Crossovers research was even if they were offered more money, two thirds of those women earning less or much less in their businesses compared to their previous work, still wouldn’t return to employment.

Clearly their distaste for their previous environment outweighs their lower earnings. Money isn’t the driver for these women anymore. Many said in the research that they were happier with less, they had become less materialistic and were loving the freedom and flexibility that their new life gave them.

Where are you with this? Are you really happier earning less, or if you are honest would you love to earn what you once did, doing what you do now?

If this sounds like you, this is why I set up Corporate Crossovers – to help women like you thrive!

Take the first step for change and download my free e-book on “How to Start earning what you are really worth”. And let me know how you get on!

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