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zest zestAs all my clients will attest, I do love business plans! Yet, even with the most rigorous plan in place to grow your business, sometimes our motivation can falter.

When you start a business, your verve can be diminished by any number of factors; feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks to complete, sales seeming a long way away, isolation of starting up.

And if you are growing an existing business, your motivation can falter by feeling stale, tired of doing the same old thing with seemingly limited results.

After more than a decade of running my own business, I have found the most effective way to keep my zest and verve in my business is to be crystal clear on what I want to achieve – beyond the numbers.

As I sit down to create my business plans, before I reach for a calendar or calculator, I take a moment to pause, and ponder.

I then ask myself “what three words describe what I want this year?”.

Writing what ever words come into my mind, I imagine what it would be like to achieve them. Some words work, some don’t and some need a tweak or two.

With more pause for thought, then, volia! I have them, the three words that represent the outcome of the next 12 months.

My three words this tear are;

Joy – this relates to loving what I do, being happy doing it, and working with fab people

Prosperity – achieving my business plan targets, prosperous and giving in relationships, and sharing the prosperity with my clients and all I connect with

Go To Global Expert – being seen as the Go To for anyone wanting to leave their jobs and start up their own business

The beauty of these three little words, is that when ever I am faced with a decision, I glance over to my words – stuck on my wall in big, bold letters – and ask, ‘will this help me or hinder me in achieving my words?’

Quickly I then know what to do.

When experiencing faltering motivation, I also glance over again at the words, and in their pithy, succinct way, they are a potent reminder of all I want to create.


I would love you to create your three words that best represent what you want to achieve in 2015.

Share them below in the comment space – it will help to bring them to life even more!




  • Jacq Burns

    Thanks Wendy. Wise words for us all but probably especially needed by
    those of us suffering a rainy, Monday morning in Blighty. Please post a
    beach snap?

    My 3 words: I’m pinching Prosperity from you – a gracious word. I want prosperity for myself and for my clients
    through the work we do together.
    Then Focus – to first do the
    things that help my business grow. Then last but not least Fun, If I
    take care of the first two then I get Fridays off to arrange to meet fun
    contacts, and to do things that allow me to reboot and find inspiration
    to keep running the business. Have a lovely week.

    • Wendy Kerr

      Hi Jacq, Thanks for your fab three! I love the Fun Friday….not only a reward, and celebration but a recharge too! Beach snap on its way next week…..that applies to my Joy and Prosperity 😉

  • Darryn de la Soul

    I’m also pinching Prosperity – for myself and all involved in the project; then adding Peace of Mind, which has been lacking for some time now and Growth.

    • Wendy Kerr

      Hi Darryn, Thanks so much for commenting – Peace of mind is key – that could almost be the centre that the other words radiate from……

  • Mixx

    Ha Jacq I’m in Blighty too – yes Wendy send sunny pics this way!!

    I love the simplicity of those 3 little phrases – and the way they help you make decisions through the coming year. Mine are all verbs:

    Focus – keeping the bigger picture in mind and reviewing progress in writing weekly, monthly and quarterly on my calm day (Sunday) to help me keep on track during the week.

    Show Up – rather than just keeping busy and working hard (often in the background), making sure I actually show people my work as I do it, share what I’m doing, engage, join in, post regularly on my website, keep my portfolio up to date, ask questions, connect, have fun and basically stop inadvertently hiding!!

    Drive – I mean ‘drive’ pretty literally here – steer my art practice where I want it to go, take it in the right direction and know that I am the driver – I’m fuelling this and I can decide when to accelerate, when to slow down, when to (pit-) stop – I can change the route and also I can thoroughly enjoy the journey…

    thanks for this Wendy :-)

  • Beatriz-B

    My dear Wendy your posts are always ON time for what I am going through.
    This week/month I am lacking a bit of motivation I am a bit distracted with personal projects (children’s birthdays, family holidays, my husband new job, …) I have good ammunition to procrastinate until Feb 😉
    Luckily for the industry I work in -Executive Relocation to London- Dec&Jan is very quite so the perfect time to procrastinate, enjoy so ME time and plan the business year ahead.
    My 3 words -once again inspired by you- are verbs like Mixx’s:
    Enjoy-what I do, how I do it and the people I come across, and work with/for.
    Grow-the business and the service I have been thoughtfully created and cared for 3 years. Keep watering those seeds, trimming those weeds 😉 and hopefully collect the fruits when the season commences.
    Go-to for those relocating to London-being the trustworthy advisor for the important transition and the friendly partner during the overall process.
    No less, no more!
    Thank you very much Wendy for being my inspiration and the kick in the back side 😉

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