A downward dog and your business

Brossard_4Over the years I have been a yoga devotee. I have loved doing it and certainly it has been beneficial not only physically but also mentally. Yet, I always come in and out of it, never one to stick at it for more than a year.

Yet, when I was in Auckland recently  I was captivated by the offer of a free yoga class at Lululemon in the down town area.

A free class, Sunday morning. I was in!

Due to my ‘now and again’ approach to yoga, my outfit was well worn and not something really fit for public viewing.

So after an hour of downward dogs, and sun salutations…and a few more poses I can’t pronounce, surrounded by funky, colourful and contemporary yoga clothes, guess what I did after the free class?

Exactly! Update my tired old yoga outfit with something new and gorgeous.

In that free class, I experienced the brand, I viewed a huge range of merchandise on the racks as I stretched and saw their clothes in action on my fellow yoga classmates.

Thinking about this and your business, what could you offer ‘free’ as a way for your prospects to try you out before they buy?

And if you already have an offer, consider if it needs to be updated?

Markets change, offerings shift, so are you as contemporary as you could be, or like my old yoga outfit, is it time for a change?

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