Do You Squirm When You Mention Price? Thrive! TV Tips

Be honest, when you mention price to a prospect over the phone or face to face, do you squirm inside?

You know what I mean – you hesitate, look down and say gently, your asking price. Inside you are squirming! And you are thinking, ‘Oh maybe I should have made it less, maybe it’s too much and they’ll say no.’

And then, because the squirming is SO bad inside, you offer to discount even before they have had a chance to respond. Or you offer payment plans… or worse, offer to do it for free.

When I started coaching 10 years ago, that was my approach… ugh!

If this sounds like you, you need to be more confident in your pricing strategy and truly understand and own your value.

Here are 3 key steps to help you leave the squirming behind:

  1. Market research – Is your price set at the right level? Check out the competition and what your prospects will pay.
  2. You deserve it – Write a list of 20 (yes 20) reasons why you deserve to be paid that much… experience, training, clients etc, etc.
  3. Know your value – It is imperative that you know and totally believe in the value that your offering gives your customers. When you believe they will as well. Write a list of the 20 ways in which customers benefit from working with you.


Your Action:


  • Stop squirming and embrace your value!
  • Take the time to complete the 3 steps – market research, why you deserve it and know your value.
  • Write it all down and then review your price. Practice asking for it loudly and proudly!


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