Did you lose yourself when you left your job?

When we have a job it can be easy to use the status and position that it gives us as our defacto identity. We relate more to our title and company name than to who we are without it.

I know from my own experience, that I didn’t really think that deeply about who I was and my real identity until I left my corporate job nine years ago. Stripped off my office, business card and flashy title, I was unsure how to introduce myself, and how would I talk about who I was?

Searching unsuccessfully for a position in a foreign country deepened my identity crisis and I remember spending hours grieving for what I had lost.

If you had already taken that step away from your corporate identity or are thinking about taking the leap, spend some time to reflect on who you are, what matters most to you and what is your true identity.

I would love to hear from you about your identity shifts as you crossed over from corporate to your own business.

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