De-cluttering And The Opportunities!

De-cluttering in businessI spend the weekend de-cluttering my office. No, that is an understatement, and makes it sound like I tidied a few shelves and reorganised my binders.

No. I touched everything. Everywhere. No surface, no thing was left untouched.

I made a deliberate decision about each item, stay of go. No grey maybe, just a binary stay or go decision.

12 rubbish and recycling bags later, my office is different. Of course, it looks more spacious, fresher and better organized. But it also ‘feels’ different.

I feel invited to come in, sit down and create. I feel there is space for my creativity, my potential and me. I feel I have more room to expand, and to grow my business in a different way.

This leads me to imagine, to dream what could be a new future for my business. It motivates, inspires and give me confidence it will happen.

All this from a simple purge of a working space.

Is it time you tried it?

Do send me before and after photos and let me know how you feel differently!

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