Corporate Crossovers Research Results

Being curious to see if other women have gone through a journey similar to mine, I conducted on-line research earlier this year.

I had a fantastic response! 300 women business owners answered and their responses were rich and a little surprising.

The research summary can be downloaded here.

In the summary you will discover why they left corporate and the challenges and joys they experienced in running their own businesses.

But in the meantime here are some highlights…

  • Culture and values clash is main reason women quit corporate life
  • Two thirds of those earning less say they would not return even for more money

The survey of 300 women entrepreneurs shows that the main reason they leave corporate jobs is that they are fed up with the toxic culture, and not with the glass ceiling as is widely believed. Almost a quarter of participants (23%) cite the culture and values clash as their main reason for leaving, while less than 1 per cent identify the glass ceiling.

Surprisingly, of the 68% of women who earn less than when they were in corporate employment, almost two thirds say they would not go back to corporate life even though they are unhappy with their current income level.

I think these results reveal that  at a certain stage in their lives, women realise that the traditional work in corporate environments doesn’t work for them any more. They are tired of putting up with the toxic culture and they start to disengage, valuing their time and autonomy above their salary and job. This is the catalyst for them to leave and set up their own enterprises.

What has surprised me about these results is how strongly this theme has played out. Even if they were offered more money to get a corporate job again, most of them would not accept, preferring control of their future, their time and their environment over the cash.

I would love your comments on the research- let me know what resonates with you!

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