Corporate Armour – Where Is Yours?

Corporate ArmourAfter a long career in corporate, we become shaped by the norms and expectations of that working environment. Like a rock that has been eroded over the years of waves constantly crashing onto it, our personalities and approach become moulded after years in that atmosphere.

To fit in and to be a success, we subconsciously adopt new ways of behaving and over the years these adapted behaviours become who we are. They creep up on us, and it is only when we cross over and leave that world, that we realize we have an armour on that no longer suits us.

Many of the women I interview for my book on Corporate Crossovers left their jobs because they didn’t like the environment they were working in any longer and they had deep values that clashed.

Yet, upon reflection, some of them realised that they were still operating as if they were in that environment. So deeply engrained were their behaviours.

If you have left your job recently, consider what operating system is running you at a subconscious level. Are you being true to who you really want to be, or are you still acting out as if you were in your last job?

There is no right and wrong to this question….just consider who you are, and is this who you really want to be now?

Take some time to reflect, journal, ponder.

I would love to know if you are being true to yourself.

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