Cold Soup And A Cold Welcome In Chicago

Cold welcomeLunching on a cold Sunday in Chicago, we decided to eat at Potbelly. The name conjured up images of a warm welcome, hearty food and cosyness.

Sadly, it was anything but that. The ambiance in the restaurant was cold and chain-store like…which we later discovered, it is. The staff were unfriendly and clearly dint want to be there either and the food – it tasted like a Campbells soup reject.

We ate, and we left – quickly. Vowing to avoid Potbelly at all costs next time we were hungry.

The most striking aspect of the experience was the staff. Unlike most other American establishments we visited, where the staff were friendly, smiled and at least preteneded to like the food, Potbelly staff had none of that.

There lack lustre response when I asked them about the menu items didn’t fill me with confidence that we would be having a hearty, delicious food. They seem more interested in texting on their mobiles than interacting with the customer.

This was a brilliant example of how infectious our energy and attitude is when we are dealing with prospects and customers. Had the staff at Potbelly been engaged, telling me what their favourite dish was, I would have been eagerly anticipating that first mouthful.

Instead, my expectations were mediocre, and they were met.

How do you interact with your customers and partners?

With positive energy, feeling pleased that they have given up their valuable time to be with you, or, a little lack lustre?

Next time you interact with someone, think about how you approach it – and the impact you have.

I know I feel much more encouraged to buy when the person I’m interacting with clearly loves what they do and their offering.

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