Business Start Up Coaching-Mentoring

You will move from talking about it, to doing it


To crossover with confidence you need to know if your idea will work and if you can really do it!


You’re Probably Here Because…


You want to leave your job and start your own business.

You dream of a different life where you have more freedom, flexibility and control.

Yet, you hesitate to crossover. Are you fearful that…

Your business won’t be a success?

You won’t make any money?


You don’t know where to start?

Another month slips by, then another, and still you remain in your job. Do you want a different way of working?

To move forward with your business idea you need:

Greater Clarity

Increased Confidence

A Clear Plan To Move Forward

As Your Business Coach-Mentor I Will:


Enable you to get clarity on what’s important

Help you create compelling goals and the steps to achieve them

Enable you to bring your idea to life and create a plan to give you confidence

Give you the tools and structure to grow a successful business

Keep you accountable, so you move from talking to doing


Provide a sounding board to discuss your ideas concerns and decisions

Provide practical, actionable advice based on my extensive experience and years of working with clients

Stretch, motivate and inspire you!

“With the coaching I created  compelling vision of my future that previously I would not have dared pursue. With your help I was able to put together a realistic path to that compelling future. Now I have a plan that bridges the future to the present and the confidence to carry it out. Aside from the intangible benefits of confidence and emotional congruency, there were also very real tangible benefits. I was able to chop 2 hours off my work day and double my revenue in 12 weeks.”

CD, Tokyo

The Business Start Up Coaching-Mentoring Program

This coaching package will provide you with the one-on-one support you need to start your business!

Interested in working with me? Here’s what to do next…

  • Let’s get to know each other first. Book your complimentary, no obligation consultation call  here: click to schedule
  • Before we ‘meet’, I will send you a few questions so I can understand where you are at and what you want to achieve from working together.
  • When we have our call, we’ll talk about what you want to achieve, and any questions about the coaching-mentoring or me. You can ask me anything!

If you decide to work with me, then we can talk about how to start. If you decide this isn’t what you need right now, then I can share with you other resources to assist you

Over 6 months we will cover:



90 minute Discovery session to see where you are at right now, what your idea is, why you want to start the business


Creation of two compelling goals for you to achieve in our time together


8 x 1 hour private coaching calls over 6 months held at times to suit your busy schedule


Crafting of an evocative vision for you and your business


Digging into your idea to gain clarity to create a compelling value proposition


Checking if your idea will work


Getting into detail about your ideal prospect


Understanding how you will make money from your idea


Crafting an attractive marketing message and plan


Crunching the numbers to make your financial goals come alive


Development of the strategy for you to achieve those goals with confidence


Simplifying the steps you need to take now to get your business started


Specially selected tools and worksheets to meet your needs and those of your business


Ideas, suggestions, tailored resources and support just for you

Call me to see if we could work together to bring your business idea to life. I would love to enable you to change how work works for you.

Wendy Kerr



Book a free 20 minute no-obligation consultation

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Or Are You Ready To Start-Up Your Business?

I recently completed  coaching with Wendy, and the changes she has helped me to make are already having a profound impact on what I do. Her style is challenging, and she has a unique way of drawing out wisdom you didn’t know you had. Her process is a good mixture of helping her clients see their full potential, set their goals, and develop practical techniques for achievement



If you’re willing to engage with this service, to put the time and effort in outside of your ‘normal’ job, to allow yourself to objectively recognise both your weaknesses and strengths, I can not see how this experience will not be immensely valuable. To be able to take a step to one side of the daily hubbub and to look at everything, including yourself, from the outside is a very powerful tool. The tenacity Wendy showed in trying to get to the nub of where I was at and what I was trying to do – and, most importantly – why I was trying to do it enabled me to make much-appreciated discoveries. I’ve found myself learning at a greater rate, picking where I expend energy more cleverly and using the discoveries we made about myself to work much more effectively.The benefits are not just limited to work.– I’ve a subtly – but importantly – different set of personal priorities at home and at play. Wendy was patient, enthusiastic and keenly intelligent in her coaching. Her experience, both in coaching and as an executive, was exceptionally apparent.



Coaching was a really positive experience that helped my persist in moving forward during a really hard time. She is great at cutting through the muddle to get to the heart of the problem, even when it’s tough to hear. Wendy is inspirational, doesn’t take any nonsense but is warm, encouraging and positive. Her energy is infectious!

SH, London

I consulted Wendy because I felt helpless and “stuck” in my present situation.  From the very first session, Wendy was all about moving forward. I felt empowered because Wendy put me into action right away. Our sessions were professional, logical, focused and well-organized. Making sure I achieve my goals is always Wendy’s #1 priority.  Wendy’s objectivity and experience opened doors and showed me options I never knew existed. I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone with a goal or a dream that seems too overwhelming to achieve.

Emily Dixon


Wendy’s positive energy and kindly challenging style of coaching make her a pleasure to work with. She helped me to completely re-imagine my business and then make it real.

J Monks

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