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Shall I change my career?

  February is my busiest month in this business. My clients have typically spent January thinking about getting a new job or starting a business, and (thankfully!) they decide to get some assistance to  work through their options. If you are sitting at your work desk, staring out the window, wondering if you should stay or go, then try this effective exercise to help clarify your thinking. This exercise is taken from my best selling book “Corporate Crossovers – when it’s time to leave the office and start your own business”. A letter to myself – Sliding Doors This exercise allows you to imagine what life could be like in five years’ time, depending on what decision you make. By thinking five years’ into the future, you loosen your grip on the current reality and your perspective shifts. This will help you make a cleaner decision away from the frenzy of the moment. Write yourself a letter entitled ‘Sliding Doors – Path A Versus Path B’. You will create two stories of your life, each one dependent on the decision you could take now. Path A: Write a story of what your life will be like in five years if you stay in your job, remaining in corporate life. Path B: The write another story of what your life will be like in five years if you leave your job now and start your own business or change your job. In both stories, be as detailed as possible. Describe clearly what your typical day and week would be like for each option five years into the future. Imagine the... read more

An easy way to get focus

As all my clients will attest, I do love business plans! Yet, even with the most rigorous plan in place to grow your business, sometimes our motivation can falter. When you start a business, your verve can be diminished by any number of factors; feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks to complete, sales seeming a long way away, isolation of starting up. And if you are growing an existing business, your motivation can falter by feeling stale, tired of doing the same old thing with seemingly limited results. After more than a decade of running my own business, I have found the most effective way to keep my zest and verve in my business is to be crystal clear on what I want to achieve – beyond the numbers. As I sit down to create my business plans, before I reach for a calendar or calculator, I take a moment to pause, and ponder. I then ask myself “what three words describe what I want this year?”. Writing what ever words come into my mind, I imagine what it would be like to achieve them. Some words work, some don’t and some need a tweak or two. With more pause for thought, then, volia! I have them, the three words that represent the outcome of the next 12 months. My three words this tear are; Joy – this relates to loving what I do, being happy doing it, and working with fab people Prosperity – achieving my business plan targets, prosperous and giving in relationships, and sharing the prosperity with my clients and all I connect with Go To... read more

5 signs it’s time to leave your job

“Should I stay or should I go now?”  is not only a great song by The Clash, but also a constant refrain in many of my clients’ minds, as they contemplate what to do with their future. Feeling disenfranchised with their work, the culture of the workplace, questioning the value they may be adding, or asking ‘is this all worth it?’, are common experiences for my clients who want to move from disgruntled employee to inspired entrepreneur. They spend time weighing up the pros and cons of staying in their job, or starting their own business. When I interviewed 50 Corporate Crossovers for my first book “Corporate Crossovers – when it’s time to leave the office and start your own business” – the criteria that they used to decide whether they should stay or go were very similar, and are best summarized in the diagram below. If you have a niggling and you feel like you are weighing up whether to stay or  go, then see if these signs apply to you. Sign 1. You are at a career crossroads. Your job no longer satisfies you, and you have a hunch that getting a different job isn’t the answer. You desire more freedom, flexibility and control over how you spend your time and what you do. Click To Tweet Sign 2. The alarm rings, you roll over hit snooze, and instead of enjoying a couple more minutes snooze, you feel dread in the pit of your stomach about going into work. Your mind springs into action as you imagine the difficult meetings and tension of the day. You are... read more

Fail to plan – plan to fail

“Fail to plan – plan to fail.” How often have you heard this quote from Benjamin Franklin? When I was a very young marketing trainee for Colgate, fresh out of university, my Marketing Director would boom this out down the halls of our marketing department. I still can see him to this day! Planning can seem like an onerous task, and therefore something that never happens. Click To Tweet So, instead of having a simple and effective plan to execute through out the year, you do things as they come up, maybe a bit last minute, and chances are you feel frustrated that you didn’t make the most of the opportunity. I know how that feels. There have been times when I have felt like this. And there have been times when I have had a plan, and running my business became much easier, as I knew what I had to do each day, and what I was aiming for. I know what worked best for my business and how much I enjoyed it. To help you get in the best shape for 2015, I would love to share my December Accelerator Academy webinar for you. In this 40 minute webinar, you will discover: how to make a strategic plan for your business what a SWOT is and how it helps you move from overwhelm to focus an effective way to decide what to focus on a very simple planning tool to ensure you do the work to get your goal   Click here to access the webinar I would love to know how you got on with your planning,... read more

Has your year ended how you wanted?

Among my friends New Year’s Eve is always polarizing. They fall into two camps: 1. Some love it, the idea of celebrating the year with a bang, and eagerly anticipating the new year 2. The others are rushing for the year to be over, as they didn’t enjoy it, and they are not that enthused about the coming 12 months either. Where are you? And given I love to help businesses grow – into which group do you fall when you consider your business? Especially at this time of year, we can feel busier than normal. We often miss the perfect time to take stock and reflect on what has passed. Click To Tweet We then miss out on the learnings, and therefore, risk making the same mistakes as we enter the new year. I would love you to avoid this cycle! I have made a simple reflection chart for you to complete. Below is a photo for you to copy…told you it was simple. 😉 Simply answer the questions… 1. What did you love about this year? 2. What could have been better? 3. What did you learn? Then compare your actual income for the year against your goals. How did you fare?   And from what you wrote above, what insights does that give you about your business and how you run it? Doing this work will give you a great foundation to start the planning process for the next year. And hopefully, it will give you reason to be in the first group when you celebrate on December 31st! Please set aside the time, consider it... read more

How giving helps you grow your business

“Tis better to give than receive.” How often have we heard that, especially at this time of year. I remember the first time I heard it. When I was six years old, it was almost Christmas when I was helping my mum in the laundry folding clothes. We had the discussion about being grateful for any present I received, whether I liked it or not, then the old chestnut came up; “and of course, Wendy, this time of year isn’t about getting, it’s about giving.” Being a typical, self-centered six year old, I didn’t quite understand what she meant, but I knew how she wanted me to behave on Christmas morning! Roll forward many years, and I have a very similar discussion with my clients about ‘Business Karma”. When I interviewed 50 Corporate Crossovers for my book, I discovered that they all practiced and had received a lot from this. Whether you are starting your own business or have been in business a while, Business Karma is key. Click To Tweet Business Karma is simply delighting people. To be more specific here are some examples: making the time to have a coffee with that woman who is new in business, even if you are really busy checking in with clients randomly, asking if they need any support, and having no strings attached being generous with trial offers, samples for people to try offering to lead or be on the committee for your local networking group volunteering your time as a mentor The key with this is to give with the spirit of generosity. Stepping forth with this mindset gives... read more

How to get new ideas to grow your own business

Is your head spinning with how much there is to do at this time of year? Not only is the year end closing in, with lots of business tasks to be completed but it’s also a crazy busy festive time, with lots of seasonal events and parties. Often at this time of year, we can experience a tension in our thinking. One pull point is that we are feeling relieved that the year is coming to an end, and we will ‘get through’ the whirl of activity, and then the opposing point is often a pressure to get into activity to get the business moving again in the new year. The great thing about tension, is that when it is released, so too is a significant amount of energy. Often though, to release the tension, a stress point occurs, enabling you to ‘break through’. Ugh! I’m all about making things easy as possible. Business is supposed to be enjoyable; to stimulate and reward, not tax and deplete. Click To Tweet So, here is an easy approach to release the tension and to generate some fresh ideas to grown your own business. How to get ‘fresh business thinking’. 1. Create a new file on your device or find a beautiful notebook. 2. Before each festive event you go to, spend some time intentionally thinking about it. Ask yourself the following questions about the event: What could I learn today that would help my business? What business concern would I love to have solved? What sort of person would I most like to meet? 3. Go and enjoy the event 4.... read more

How small things make the biggest difference to your own business

I’ve already started thinking about my new year’s resolution. I know, we haven’t even got into the final two weeks of the year, and I am jettisoning myself into 2015. Here is what has led me to my resolutions – a sense of too much change, too many bright shiny things, and frankly, not sticking at one thing long enough to see the difference. For some reason, 2014, has been a very magpie-like year for me. If you have known my journey for the last 18 months you could probably understand why. However, 2015 promises to be a year of relative stability! So ….drumroll please- – my 2015 resolution is to do small things every day to achieve big change. When I have focused in such a simple way in the past, it has worked. Worked for me in that I have gained: More clarity More confidence Calm Increased traction in my business Better financial results When I dart from here to there, then my results reflect that. I feel constantly on the treadmill, always looking over my shoulder for the next big thing, and seeking more external validation than ever before. These are not supportive habits to grow a business. Clarity, confidence and commitment will help you start and expand your business. Click To Tweet The three small things I will do everyday are: –       Meditate – to give me calm, clarity and congruence in my thinking –       Imagine – reflect on my goals (personal and business) and rehearse them coming to fruition –       Thrive – do something I love! This could be coffee with a friend, a beautiful... read more

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