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Is your fear still holding you back?

Fear. Fear holds back. I write about this today because I have spent a lot of time on the phone this week coaching women through their fears of leaving their job to start their own business. Fear of not making enough money, fear of not being a success, fear of not... read more

Is Your Success Out Of Date? Thrive! TV Tips

“Is this it? What made me think this would be a good decision?! I must have been crazy to quit my job and start my own business. No one told me it would be this hard.” “I can’t believe I left my old job, what was I thinking. When I planned this sabbatical/new job, I... read more

Why Do You Do It? Thrive! TV Tips

Before you jump off the corporate ladder and leave your job behind to start up your business, take some time to get really, really clear on why you are doing it Your business will take a lot from you time, energy and money. It may even cost you relationships, your... read more

Lost Your Life? Thrive! TV Tips

Yes, I know it’s there somewhere but chances are if you are running your own business, you may feel as if you have LOST YOUR LIFE Does this sound familiar – you are sitting on the coach for some relaxing time with the family but in reality, you have your tablet on... read more

Frigid About Finance? Thrive! TV Tips

Is finance leaving you frigid? Are you waking up at 2am wondering how you will pay the mortgage? You know you would really love to create the new business you are dreaming of but you are terrified it won’t make any money. Before you complete your business plan, take... read more

Come and join my twitter chat #StartUpQA

  I know starting your own business can be a scary proposition. Fear of not making enough money, wondering if your business will be a success and whether or not you have the right skills are all valid concerns. And then, there is the practical side….all... read more

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