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An easy way to get focus

As all my clients will attest, I do love business plans! Yet, even with the most rigorous plan in place to grow your business, sometimes our motivation can falter. When you start a business, your verve can be diminished by any number of factors; feeling overwhelmed by... read more

5 signs it’s time to leave your job

“Should I stay or should I go now?”  is not only a great song by The Clash, but also a constant refrain in many of my clients’ minds, as they contemplate what to do with their future. Feeling disenfranchised with their work, the culture of the workplace, questioning... read more

Fail to plan – plan to fail

“Fail to plan – plan to fail.” How often have you heard this quote from Benjamin Franklin? When I was a very young marketing trainee for Colgate, fresh out of university, my Marketing Director would boom this out down the halls of our marketing department.... read more

Has your year ended how you wanted?

Among my friends New Year’s Eve is always polarizing. They fall into two camps: 1. Some love it, the idea of celebrating the year with a bang, and eagerly anticipating the new year 2. The others are rushing for the year to be over, as they didn’t enjoy it, and they... read more

How giving helps you grow your business

“Tis better to give than receive.” How often have we heard that, especially at this time of year. I remember the first time I heard it. When I was six years old, it was almost Christmas when I was helping my mum in the laundry folding clothes. We had the discussion... read more

How to get new ideas to grow your own business

Is your head spinning with how much there is to do at this time of year? Not only is the year end closing in, with lots of business tasks to be completed but it’s also a crazy busy festive time, with lots of seasonal events and parties. Often at this time of year, we... read more

Does being thankful help your business?

The familiar sounds of the Skype chime rang, and I answered the call to Sophie, a newish coaching client. She had recently left her job to start up her one business, and we were working together to make her business fly! In talking with Sophie, she outlined all that... read more

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