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How giving helps you grow your business

“Tis better to give than receive.” How often have we heard that, especially at this time of year. I remember the first time I heard it. When I was six years old, it was almost Christmas when I was helping my mum in the laundry folding clothes. We had the discussion... read more

How to get new ideas to grow your own business

Is your head spinning with how much there is to do at this time of year? Not only is the year end closing in, with lots of business tasks to be completed but it’s also a crazy busy festive time, with lots of seasonal events and parties. Often at this time of year, we... read more

Does being thankful help your business?

The familiar sounds of the Skype chime rang, and I answered the call to Sophie, a newish coaching client. She had recently left her job to start up her one business, and we were working together to make her business fly! In talking with Sophie, she outlined all that... read more

Do you move like Jagger?

I made a dream come true on Saturday night – I saw the Rolling Stones live… was IN-CRED-IB-BLE!! Watching Mick strut his stuff as a 72 year old was impressive. Age was not even a consideration. He was electrifying, captivating, omnipresent and energizing. Wow – he... read more

What’s in a business name?

Wandering along the street to meet a dear friend for coffee, I spied this sign. “Bird on a Wire”. Intrigued, I stopped and peered inside the closed shop. Rotisserie chicken can be a dull thing. A roast bird cooked and prepared for an easy pick up, to be... read more

Why I left a Tupperware party empty handed

Until last week I was a Tupperware party virgin. My life has never revolved in circles where a Tupperware party was de rigeur. With some excitement, I went to my friend’s house, cashed up, and ready to buy. Fast-forward three long hours later, I returned home empty... read more

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