Are You Being Stretched Enough?

catstretchIf you are feeling overwhelmed in your business, is it because you are trying new things and moving completely out of your comfort zone? Or is it because you are just too busy with small tasks to complete to keep your business ticking over?

When our businesses have been running for a while, it is easy to get caught in the day to day tasks that keep the business rolling along. Even though this may frustrate us, it seems easier than stretching out and attempting new things. And so our business stays where it is.

If you want to get a step change in your business, whether that be significantly increased turnover, a fresh way of sourcing customers or a new product range you need to get stretching!

There is a great quote, that says “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get the same results.”

Take some time now to consider what stretching yourself really means….

What do you dream of your business being like in 12 months?

What is the one big action that would propel your business in this direction?

How do you need to behave right now, to effect this change?

What is the first step you can take to achieve this?

To stretch ourselves takes courage. We will be doing things that get us out of our comfort zone. Powerfully imagining what the impact you want to make will help propel you to make the changes needed.

I would love to know how you decide to stretch yourself! Write me a comment below!

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