Are You A Busy Fool When It Comes To Your Business? Thrive! TV Tips


Well done, you have made it to another day and crossed everything off your to do list.

Hurrah! But take a look at that to do list – how many items on that were actually tasks that would move your business forward. Grow your customer base, increase your revenue, raise your visibility.

Or were they tasks that you do just to keep the business ticking over – paying bills, admin, chasing up appointments, buying supplies. If your list is made up of small tasks, then frankly you are a busy fool. If you want to really grow your business and start to make the money you are worth, you need to complete at least one activity a day that will meaningfully move your business forward and lead to growth.

Your Action:

When you plan your day, always ask yourself – ‘what is the one thing I must do today to take my business forward who could I call, what could I create what prospects could I ring? And then do these tasks first. Make sure you spend the start of the day building your business. The rest will take care of itself.

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