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Dates, times, worksheets for each month and the recordings if you miss any of the live calls.

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Details of Our Monthly Webinars

Each month, we will have the same pattern of live webinar sessions. All sessions will be held at 8pm UK time, on a Tuesday night.
If, like me, you travel a lot, or live outside of the UK, then use this fabulous tool to check what time it is where you are.

This Month

Mar 2015 - Module 5: Getting Stuff Done!

Now you know what you are aiming for and how to make it happen, how do you get stuff done?

This essential class is all about effective use of your time and energy.

I’ll be covering strategies to empty your in box, make more time and feel in control.

Free yourself from procrastination for good!

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Coming Up


Apr 2015 - Module 6: Loving the numbers

Time to get up close and personal with the money!
How do you value your time to get your busienss goal?
What is cash flow and why it’s critical to the health of your business, and that pesky P&L – we will be delving into money matters this month!

May 2015 - Module 7: Sizzling at Selling

With no customers, you have no business. To get customers, you need to sell. I’ll be sharing my best non-sleazy selling tips, and a system to make you feel in control of the selling process – all the time!

Previous Months



Nov 2014 - Module 1: Get Going With Goals

Get clear on what you want to achieve with your business.

Click here to get all details of the webinars and downloadable worksheets

Dec 2014 - Module 2: Success Strategies

Now you have set your goals, let’s create an easy plan to work towards achieving them.

Click here for webinar details and downloadable worksheets

Jan 2015 - Module 3: Get Clarity

Getting crystal clear on what you are selling and to who, will make a huge difference to your business results.

Click here for all webinar details and downloadable worksheets

Feb 2015 - Module 4: Making an Impact

Get confidence in your marketing driving sales. By the end of the webinar you will know what your free and paid for options are, and have a customized marketing plan to grow your busienss.

Click here for webinar details and downloadable worksheets

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