Accelerator Academy

The Accelerator Academy is designed to:

Kickstart Your Momentum

Provide Knowledge & Tools

Provide Structure & Support

Help You Grow Your Business


Are you unsure about how to grow your business?


Do you need an injection of fresh ideas, inspiration and motivation?


Have you completed your business plan and now you need to bring it to life?


Are you feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of running your own business?


Do you battle self-doubt, fears or simply feel alone?

Growing a business is so much more than having a great idea…

You want to feel sure of what to do next to grow your business, and you need the structure, support and motivation!

You also need a goal, a plan and the momentum to get you moving.

You need a place where you can get all of the information you need about running a business, the structure to make it easy and the support to make it fun!

It’s time to move your business forward, and join the Accelerator Academy!

What is the Accelerator Academy?

The Accelerator Academy will give you the support, structure and knowledge you need, wherever you are at in your business growth.

The Accelerator Academy is a group mentoring and coaching programme that looks at every part of running a business

Plus, The Accelerator Academy provides you with the best nuggets and tools that you can apply immediately.

I created the Business Accelerator Academy because over the years, I have worked with many women to bring their wonderful business ideas to life. Then, a while later, I reconnect and discover that their business hasn’t taken off in the way we envisioned.

The work required, the new skills to be learnt and the constant stretching to do new things can be fatiguing and overwhelming. It becomes easier to play small, and to decide not to go after that original business idea.

I know from my own experience, and that of my clients, that running your own business is like a never ending personal development programme!

Not only do you need to know a lot about HOW TO run a business, you also need to learn new skills, and implement sales, marketing, hiring staff, negotiating, and the list goes on and on.

6 Key Drivers Of The Accelerator Academy

1: Goal Setting and Accountability

Create an annual goal for your business, and then smaller goals to achieve in each three month period and build to your bigger goals. Feel a sense of momentum and progress as you work towards achieving them and creating the business you desire.

2: Monthly Topic Webinars

Each month there will be a deep dive focus on one topic essential for your business. Receive an information packed call, worksheets and actions to apply to immediately. Topics include: Setting Goals, Planning, Marketing, Selling, Social Media, Money

3: Downloadable Worksheets

Take the information you learn and apply it to your business immediately. Each month you will have worksheets to download, and complete just for your business. Take the time to work ‘on’ your business and move from ‘faffing’ to action!

4: Surprise! Expert Webinars

On special months, I will select my favourite experts to give you the best advice on business issues we all face. We will look at the law, marketing, sales, finances, social media and other important areas.

5: Monthly Live Q&A Call

This is your chance to get on the spot coaching, ask for advice pertinent to your situation and learn from others as they ask their questions. Ask anything related to your business and get instant relief.


6: Private Members Forum

Support is essential when you are growing your business, whether you are just starting out or have been around for a while. On our private online forum, you can post questions, share wins and get the energy from other club members.

Special Offer For Existing Clients!

Join the Accelerator Academy today and get the first 3 months for the price of 1!

  • You will have the support, structure and tools you need – when you need them
  • Find the right knowledge to grow your business confidently
  • Get support, inspiration and ideas as you grow your business
  • Have accountability as you work toward your goals
  • Join a community of like minded women, all wanting to grow, learn and succeed, so you don’t have to do it alone
  • It’s completely virtual, so you can connect from anywhere at any time

All webinars and calls will be held on Tuesday at 8 pm London time, 3pm ET, Noon PT.

If you can’t make that time, all webinars and calls will be recorded and hosted on the private Academy members-only page, for you to access at a time convenient to you. You won’t miss a thing!

Accelerator Academy is a monthly programme. You will be billed for the first month, and receive 2 months free.

Should you decided to cancel your membership, simply cancel your subscription in PayPal. It’s that easy!

If you have any questions about whether the Accelerator Academy is right for you, please email me at

I would love to help you grow your business!


Wendy Kerr


Read What My Clients Are Saying…

What I’ve loved about this course is a chance to reflect on what my priorities are for growing my business and then to eliminate lots of things It’s changed the way I work, so on a daily basis I’m much more focused and more structured about what my goals, my priorities are. That’s helped my mindset with moving forwards with my business,  and my confidence for the future.

Joanna Pieters

Time Wizards

If you want to take your business to the next level, this programme is a wonderful vehicle to achieve just this.  By providing me with the space to work on (rather than in) my business, I’ve achieved more than I thought possible in just the space of a few months. Connecting and sharing the experience with a group of dynamic and like-minded women, and with Wendy’s thoughtful and insightful direction, I’m delighted with the results I’ve achieved. I can’t recommend the programme highly enough.

Michelle Beck

Orbis Marketing

Since the course began, I resigned my job and I am now working for myself.  The impact of the course has been quite enormous.  It’s given me a massive amount of confidence. It has allowed me to focus and to discover that I am actually capable of doing a lot more than I thought I was. It has given me the confidence to realise that I actually am a businesswoman and not someone who has a hobby that is trying to be a business.

Darryn de la Soul


At the time I started Wendy’s course I was tired and needed to reconnect with my business. Her programme has helped me do that. I have gained so much from the sessions. We were encouraged to set goals and to consider something outside our comfort zone. The encouragement of Wendy and the others on the course had made me realise I was holding myself back for no good reason. I now have weekly plans for the next few months and a list of future goals ticking away in the background.  I am looking at the business with fresh eyes and am more focused than I have been in a while. Thank you Wendy and watch out world!

Andrea Osborne

Cushion the Impact

The programme has given me confidence to face and analyse where I am, what interests me, what drains me and where my motivation lies. I now have clarity and a less fearful pathway to the vision for my business.

Sue Chadwick

Sue Chadwick

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