7 Survival Tips For Working From Home In The School Holidays

Working from home in the school holidays survival guide1. Put you and your business first! Decide the hours and days you want to work over the holidays.

2. Clearly communicate your working routine to your family, and ask them to help you with it. Once you have your routine, stick to it. Everyone in the house will start to get used to it, and find their own rhythm around it.

3. If you have young children who may be at home when you are working, make sure they have an activity to keep them amused for a decent stretch of time. You still need that time to think!

4. Consider doing child minding swaps with other working mums in your neighborhood. This is a cost effective way to ‘buy’ a  morning or two of free time.

5. The early morning is your friend! If you can, set your alarm click for 6.00 and use that quiet time before the house stirs to get some work done.

6. If you need to make calls that require a business-like silence in the background, tie a scarf to the door handle and tell your children that they can not come in to the room when the scarf is on the door. If this is doomed for failure in your house, you can always do what a client of mind did, and make calls from the car parked outside the house!

7. Make sure you schedule some down time to spend with the children. Planning some activities you will all love, putting them in your diary will help you feel less torn between work and family over this time.

I would love to hear what tips work for you, or any others you may have!

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