50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover - Business

I couldn’t resist using that song title for my blog! Paul Simon sung of all the different ways we could leave our lover when it was over.

How many different ways are there to leave our jobs and crossover to start our businesses? To go after the freedom, flexibility and control we crave.

From my interviews of over 50 Corporate Crossovers, some common themes emerged about departures. I have shared them with you below:

Now or Never

Simmering for a while, the frustration has grown to the point that it is a ticking time bomb. A spark is thrown into the fray, it explodes, and the resignation tendered.

I quit – I’ve had enough, I’m worth more than this!

No matter how ready they were to start their business, that moment comes and they leave in a blaze of glory.

A foot in both camps

The idea for the business has grown, a business plan completed and the more cautious decide to trial it on the side of their day job. Exhausting but it gives them the confidence to leave their jobs knowing that they have a going concern to move to.

Take the money honey!

Redundancy looms like a big, dark cloud for many. But for those who have been thinking of starting their own venture, they lust after the payout. They feel secure in the knowledge that they have some cash for living expenses or capital while their venture starts. Many of them sought out voluntary redundancy, knowing that this was a great opportunity to make the leap.


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  • http://www.awovi.com Griselda

    Taking a career break, sabbatical or even going on maternity leave can give you the head space you need to objectively plan your exit. I ramped up my business whilst on maternity and have never looked back since! Good luck to all looking to crossover!

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