5 ways to be a famous women in business

Famous Women In BusinessSo you want to be famous? Well, you probably don’t actually want to be famous as in a ‘celebriteeee”, but you want your business to be famous.

Consider this, you want your business to be well known, to have high awareness in its market place.

You want lots of prospects to know you and like you, so that when they think about their need in this area, you pop into their mind as part of who they will consider to solve their pain.

So like it or not, it is important to be famous for the success of your business.

Chances are, you won’t be rushing into the next reality TV show, flexing your ego with The Apprentice hopefuls, or baring your flesh with the latest Big Brother contestants, so how do you become famous?

And famous to those people it matters too – namely your prospects!

Take this 5 step approach and you will be on your way to being famous, where it counts!

1. Who are you selling too?

To really make an impact with your customer, you need to know them really well and understand what their key needs are. The more you know about them, the easier it is to make an impression with them, as they will feel as if you really understand them and their issues.

I never stop learning about my customers. I am always meeting my target market at networking event, following them on social media, reading their blogs and of course I do research. Keeping my customer and their needs at the top of my mind helps me to create messages I know are relevant.

I want you now to create a detailed picture of your ideal customer. And I mean detailed.

Take an individual from your prospect group and imagine who they are, what their life is like, where they live, what they do. This may seem a little strange, but by being so detailed and descriptive, it will help you to craft your offerings and message to meet their needs.

2. Where do they hang out?

Now you have a picture of who your ideal customer is. The reason why we get so detailed is that when you come to plan your marketing, and getting in front of them, imagining her lifestyle will the also help you to now where you could reach her if you were to advertise.

Start to think about where they get information about products and services they may be considering purchasing. What website do they visit, what networking groups do they belong to, they can ask for opinions, what newspapers do they read, what social media are they most likely to be on?

When you can target where they will be consuming their media, this is where you need to be seen. Social media is an obvious one, but choose carefully – are they more likely to be on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google + or Pintrest? This isn’t about which you prefer, but where your target is most likely to be. Choose one and be focused.

3. What do they want to hear from you?

Having created a detailed picture of your prospect, you will have a sense of how you need to interrupt their life, to make them aware of your services. The next part of this is to imagine what are all the pains or problems that your target market will have. What keeps them awake at night?

So, you can see how when we know the demographics of our target market, we can them imagine what they think about and what keeps them awake.

This knowledge of their pains and problems will help you to craft your message so it is really relevant to them. People are so time poor, they will only stop and consider what is really speaking to them.

Think about their pains and issues? What are they? And how can you solve them? What is the difference you will make to someone when they purchase your offering? This pain and solution approach will capture their attention fast!

4. Consistency

There is a piece of research that discovered that we need to see a marketing message at least 6 times before we will act on it. Becoming famous is not a short term exercise – you need to be consistent and persistent! Take some time and plan your marketing approach. If networking is your thing, how many groups will you attend and how often will you repeat visit? Or if you are choosing a social media platform, what will be the frequency and timings of your posts?

5. Make it Real

People buy from people – I know that is an overused cliché, but it’s true. Whatever medium you choose to be famous on, make sure you are being you. Your prospect want to know more about you and your offering. What is your story, what makes you different from everyone else. Share with them a story so they can get to know you and your offering some more. This will help them connect with the person behind the business and build those bonds so you become famous in their minds.

I would love to know how your trip to fame evolves – drop me a comment below!

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