5 signs it’s time to leave your job

officestress“Should I stay or should I go now?”  is not only a great song by The Clash, but also a constant refrain in many of my clients’ minds, as they contemplate what to do with their future.

Feeling disenfranchised with their work, the culture of the workplace, questioning the value they may be adding, or asking ‘is this all worth it?’, are common experiences for my clients who want to move from disgruntled employee to inspired entrepreneur.

They spend time weighing up the pros and cons of staying in their job, or starting their own business. When I interviewed 50 Corporate Crossovers for my first book “Corporate Crossovers – when it’s time to leave the office and start your own business” – the criteria that they used to decide whether they should stay or go were very similar, and are best summarized in the diagram below.


If you have a niggling and you feel like you are weighing up whether to stay or  go, then see if these signs apply to you.

Sign 1.

You are at a career crossroads. Your job no longer satisfies you, and you have a hunch that getting a different job isn’t the answer.

Sign 2.

The alarm rings, you roll over hit snooze, and instead of enjoying a couple more minutes snooze, you feel dread in the pit of your stomach about going into work. Your mind springs into action as you imagine the difficult meetings and tension of the day. You are not sure if you are really up to the stress anymore.

Sign 3.

Sitting in your weekly meeting, you realise that you just don’t care about this stuff anymore. Your mind wanders and you think of what else you could be doing with your time that would give you more satisfaction.

Sign 4.

You have an idea for a business you love! In your spare moments at work instead of updating your Facebook status, you are researching more about the topic. Sitting in meetings, you start to ponder what it would be like if you were doing that versus being where you are now.

Sign 5.

It’s 7.30pm. You realise that you can’t make your friend’s birthday dinner as your boss has given you another impossible deadline to meet the next day. Reluctantly you text your friend, and seethe at your boss, and your job.


If these signs resonated, take my free quiz to see how ready you are to start your own business. 

At the end of it, you can book a complementary 20 minute mentoring call with me to discuss where you are at, and possible next steps.



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